Seattle Harpist Susi Hussong is available to perform at weddings, corporate events, special events, funerals, memorials as a musician and is also a teacher giving harp lessons.

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Thank you for all the energy, grace and humor you extended for this year’s Christmas recitals. What a beautiful effort by you and your students, we enjoyed ourselves immensely as did our guests.

Thank you for bringing your talented musicians to the Ballard Branch Library.
What an honor it was to host that program. Thank you for doing it and for making so many of our library patrons happy. Many people came into the library after the concert and told us how much they enjoyed it. Thank you, again.
Staff at Ballard Library

Eleanor Marcia
by Marcel Grandjany (harps)

Phone (206) 783-9493

2400 NW 80th St., #313,
Seattle, WA 98117-4449

Susi Hussong Harpist
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Live Music Performances By The Northwest Youth Harp Ensemble.

harp music liveThe Northwest Youth Harp Ensemble was formed in 2007. Most of the harpists are my students but we have included other harpists and siblings who perform on violin, flute or voice. Some of the harpists also play other instruments and have played saxophone and flute with the ensemble.

We have performed at the Ballard Library, Swanson’s Nursery during their Holiday Season, the Snohomish Tom Thumb Theater, the Chapel in Wallingford and Daniels’ Recital Hall. We have been featured on the TV program, Crescendo and are always looking for new places to play.

You may contact me either by phone at (206) 783-9493 or E-mail at
See the Crescendo performance on

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